Friday, August 25, 2017

Happy Late Summer

Happy late summer to all. I hope your harvest has been as fruitful as mineā€”in more than one area.

I have finished volume 2 of Silence: A User's Guide and it is at the publishers. It will be available sometime towards the end of the year or early in 2018. The publishers are the same as for volume 1: Wipf and Stock in the USA and the rest of the world except for DLT in the UK and Europe.

Now to find a new topic: the well on this one is absolutely dry, or, perhaps more positively, I have written myself into silence about silence.

However, now that the book is finished, perhaps I can start paying more attention to this blog. Thanks for waiting.


From the sublime to the ridiculous: did you know that garden snails have a sense of direction? An experiment showed that snails remembered the part of the garden from which they were collected. There was a control group of snails from Cornwall. All the snails headed for the quarter from which they were taken; the Cornwall snails headed due west.  It was not reported whether they were taken home! I hope so.


My prayers are especially with those of you living in Trumpestan. Take heart: surely he can't last much longer before being removed or resigning. The UK isn't much better at this point, Brexit being increasingly seen as utterly destructive to life in the UK. We can only hope the government will realise it is impossible at every level.

Prayers too for all of you living in Texas. Please, if you are in the line of fire from the hurricane, evacuate!


Blogger Ian Duncan said...

Very happy to hear from you

7:15 pm, August 25, 2017  
Anonymous AM said...

Glad that you're back. I have just yesterday a one-day faith formation workshop for the faculty of an engineering department (23 all of them). They requested silence as their theme. I used your books of course, with due acknowledgement during the workshop. But so far, it has been the struggle of getting into the most basic about silence, because i feel things could just be too much for some, if not most, given the density of the insights in your writings. Joyful though to make those attempts of engaging people into silence...

I think the work here has just begun. I look forward to your volume 2. I also enquired from the sales point person of the documentary Pursuit of Silence on how to purchase the film, sensing that i could also use it in workshop on silence. Amazon reviews of George Prochnik's book from which the documentary was based on are ambivalent. Still, i look forward to having my copy also of the book.

2:44 pm, August 26, 2017  
Blogger Maggie Ross said...

The film 'In Pursuit of Silence' will be available in the UK on DVD sometime this autumn. Yes, if some people have a lot of issues silence can get scary. It is different tor each person and caution is the best policy.

2:47 pm, August 26, 2017  
Anonymous AM said...

I peeked online at their screening sked and they have dates in US and Canada film centers. Hopefully, it will be available soon at the Amazon. I tried using at the workshop a couple of their teasers, but they were too short. I used C.W. Pherson's 10-minute recommendation in keeping silence each day, knowing from my guts that these are Christian educators with whom silence is a strange thing.

3:01 pm, August 26, 2017  
Blogger CMeditator said...

Delighted to see you back on-line again.

8:08 pm, August 26, 2017  
Anonymous Wendy said...

Maggie, I'm delighted to see you on line again! Welcome.
I'm looking forward to the second volume of 'Silence' The first has been very valuable to me.
I'm not surprised you've silenced yourself into silence, but it would be heartwarming and challenging to hear from you more often. Your writing has encouraged me on this journey for many years.

1:45 pm, September 02, 2017  

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