Friday, June 01, 2012

Thank You....

Many thanks to readers of this blog who showed up at Manchester Cathedral last night. I was delighted to meet you and deeply humbled by your response. It is such a privilege to know some of you face-to-face and to hear of the important work you are doing. A thousand blessings on you!

As requested, last night's paper will be posted after the posting of 'Apophatic Prayer as a Theological Model' has come to an end. You can then compare how these thoughts have developed (or not!) over twenty years... evidence, perhaps, of the old cliché that every author—or at least this author—has only one subject....


PS The new book of essays by poets I recommended is A God in the House, ed. Ilya Kaminsky and Katherine Towler, North Adams, MA, Tupelo Press, 2012. Also relevant is Jane Hirshfield's Nine Gates: Entering the Mind of Poetry, Harper Perennial, 1997.


Anonymous Matthew Carlisle said...

Thanks for your paper last night. I haven't read your blog before but I am glad to see there's plenty to go at!

8:42 pm, June 01, 2012  
Anonymous Matt said...

Dear Maggie,

It was lovely to be able to see and hear you on Thursday evening. I shall look forward to the paper being posted so we can go on pondering some of the finer issues that you raised. There were so many points where I wanted to stop and reflect upon that in the end I just had to trust you'd post it afterwards. Many thanks for a really engaging paper and for the opportunity to chat afterwards.

9:40 am, June 02, 2012  
Blogger jacobus said...

apologies for the lateness: technical difficulties. Thank you very much for the paper - it raised so many issues that repay further thought. It was good to be able to.
talk afterwards
Again, many thanks

8:45 pm, July 04, 2012  

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