Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Urgent Message

Gentle Readers,

Please do not buy Volume 2 from Amazon UK if you live outside the UK and Europe. Likewise if you live in the UK or Europe, please don't buy what is currently listed on Amazon UK as this edition isn't out yet. There are two different publishers involved and the American one has mistakenly listed its edition on the Amazon UK site. If too many books are wrongly sold through this site the UK edition may be cancelled, which would be a disaster. Thank you.

The Amazon USA site is: https://www.amazon.com/Silence-Users-Guide-Two-Application/dp/1625647972/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1514859197&sr=1-1&keywords=silence+a+user%27s+guide+volume+2



Anonymous AM said...

I have all the hard copy books of Maggie, including pdf articles and interviews available online. The latest of course was her lecture at Durham U. on silence and healing available at Youtube. Ordering those books was never a one-time event; it took me years to move from one book to the next. I guess part of the 'buying process' was waiting for the 'right time' to buy, part of silence's invitation. Volume I of Silence A User's Guide alone is so dense in insights that "understanding" the book either in view of personal spiritual nourishment or academic purposes remains wanting until now. But the interval between 2014 (Volume 1) and 2017 (Volume 2) seems good enough to proceed with Volume 2. But again, I don't have the immediate compulsion to buy Volume 2 because waiting for the right time to buy it is more important to me than the idea of immediate consumption. In this case, if i live in the UK and remain an avid follower of Maggie, the 5-month wait until Darton & Longman releases Volume 2 (May 2018) will never be an issue. This comes with the assurance that Volume 2 will be another book on my table to munch for years, even for a lifetime.

2:39 pm, January 03, 2018  
Blogger KC said...

Ah!! I'm afraid it's too late - I have ordered from Amazon UK already before realising this. However, I'll probably order another copy of the UK version in May as I will be able to pass it on as it will be worth it!!
Once again, thank you for this.

4:29 pm, January 22, 2018  
Blogger CMeditator said...

Now available from Darton Longman Todd in the UK

1:24 pm, February 21, 2018  

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