Thursday, December 04, 2014

Book of the Year

I am happy to report that Diarmaid MacCulloch has named Silence: A User's Guide as one of his best books of 2014 in the Guardian roundup.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It must be gratifying that such a good historian names your book as a 'book of the year' as much of your argument is a historical tracking of the suppression of silence.

1:02 pm, December 06, 2014  
Anonymous Laurel Massé said...

I have just finished my first reading of this extraordinary book, and I feel as if I have been given fresh water after a long thirst.

Maggie Ross, thank you.
Blessings, Laurel

2:54 pm, December 17, 2014  
Blogger Ultra Monk said...

Yours is the first book in since I read heidegger for which I needed a dictionary. It surprises me that you hang alot on "liminality" and "paradox" but assume we know what this means. And these words are not in your definitions chapter. So I am left with on-line dictionaries which I hope are what you mean.
Otherwise, I find your discussion of non-experience interesting. Logically, it is true but other books go to great lengths to describe experiences. So I have chased for years after this or that until I finally gave up trying other peoples techniques. Grateful for what you said.

2:25 pm, December 23, 2014  
Anonymous Jonathan Morris said...

Your book Silence... is a gift to us all. It enthralled, provoked and inspired me in many different ways and that was just on the first reading. Many thanks and I look forward to part 2.

with every blessing

1:18 pm, January 09, 2015  

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