Monday, November 03, 2008


Only one day to go. It's heartening to hear the reports of early voting.

Here in the UK, Barack Obama is a sign of hope. The latest poll shows that if British people could vote, Obama would win 72% of ballots cast. Americans who live and study over here, including myself, have been casting absentee ballots; those—several hundred—who have revealed their votes to the post office manager in my neighborhood have voted for Obama without exception.

America has lost credibility and respect during the Bush years, but Obama has re-ignited hope that America has not lost its vision and its ability to overcome mistakes. The simple fact of Obama's election would be a tremendous shot in the arm, not only to the USA, but to the world at large. Obama's following in Africa and Asia is unlike anything seen before in history.

By contrast, if McCain/Palin win, the worldwide depression—financial, psychological, spiritual—will become catastrophic. America's standing in the world, already at an all-time low, will sink even further. Our broken constitutional system will become beyond repair.

Please, please, if you haven't voted, do so. The lines may be long, the wait may be tedious, but it's worth it. The future of the human race and of the planet hangs on this election.

If you can't vote, pray to whatever you believe in. Open your heart and cast your focused intention on the waters of silence. The resonances of intention are incalculable.


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