Saturday, June 28, 2008

Birds of a Feather

During the past few years a lot of commentators have tippy-toed around, trying to be polite to the Southern Cone group of Conservative Anglicans, now known as GAFCON. [The pawky cartoonist in my head sees this acronym as a lot of hot air being expelled by lisping con men].

Well, God writes straight with crooked lines to get the world to see the truth, and Robert Mugabe's gratuitous endorsement of GAFCON, bestowed with inadvertent felicity on the day of his spurious forced "election", exposes more about what this group is up to than any pious protestations from Akinola or his fellow-traveler bishops, or his chaplains (who are required to approach him on their knees), or anyone else.

Their attack on Lambeth and their disgraceful remarks about Rowan Williams have nothing to do with Christianity, Folks; their quarrel is not even about the Bible, which they are simply using as a brickbat. It's about power, first last, always, and at any price, and you'd better believe it's not the sort of power described in the kenosis of Phil. 2:5-11.

I never thought I'd say it: Thank you, Robert Mugabe, for this priceless endorsement. May it bear rich fruit to discredit GAFCON.

Now please go away and let the people of Zimbabwe—and the Anglican Communion—live in peace.


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