Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Indwelling Trinity

The fire of God, the life of the blessed Trinity, dwells at the heart of all being, of every person, of you and of me. It is the source of the inframutability of energy, matter, Spirit, the convergence of all the goodness of the universe in one eternal moment. It burns away the veil between life and death and enables us to share God's own life with one another and with those who have gone before.

Often our lives seem disconnected fragments. It is this loving fire that fuses the pattern, that is our constancy; it is love that undergirds. If only we will, we can watch, like a child with a kaleidoscope, transfixed by chips of glowing color falling into new geometries.

This fiery life, this burning life, enfolds us within itself, and all lives within itself and all that is within each of us. It is the clear, simple, hidden vision, the engagement that pours forth our life, an engagement that remains on the subliminal border of perception, impossible to conceptualize or discuss, but demanding expression by the co-creative power of its gaze, concealed from ordinary discursive consciousness. Even as we attempt to communicate this love, we know that only the vision itself and following where it leads will satisfy the hunger it engenders and ever renews by this same satisfaction.

[From the Introduction to 'The Fire of Your Life: A Solitude Shared,' published this month, January 2007, by Seabury Press]


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