Friday, June 30, 2006

The Sixth Beatitude

"How blest are those whose hearts are pure; they shall see God." How blest are we when suddenly we realize that the struggle to become single-hearted has begun to be born in us, when we realize that nothing, not even life itself exists outside that Gaze, when we realize that it is in stillness that we come to be; how blest are we when all the false polarity of our lives begins to come to convergence, the density of glory, when we are still free creatures, yet transfigured; how blest are we when the silence of obedience comes to live within us, so that the ear of our heart receives the whispered Word that is First and Last, and our action is tempered by its wisdom; how blest are we when ever where we look we see the Face of God.

Pillars of Flame, pp. 139-140


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