Friday, April 28, 2006

The Mirror of Tears and Fire

So too in the way of tears and fire we are invited to mirror our God fully, to know that tears and fire are one. Caught by beauty and knowledge-without-mediation, we are in equipoise, in ever-moving repose: we are haunted by the knowledge and pain of sin and the knowledge of the flawed beauty of creation, while at once we see God in all God's terrible love and beauty, as we know and are known. So are we stretched cruciform by and with our Lord on the Tree of life.... In the density of holiness we are raised out of time to that first singularity, that first point of God's tear and God's spark, from which primordial silence all expansion, all possibility are held in potent stillness as our tears mingle and ignite with the single, certain drop from the abyss.

[The Fountain and the Furnace, p. 230]


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