Saturday, September 26, 2020

Sanity in a Time of Insanity

In a time when sanity seems in short supply, I would like to recommend a resource which has provided me with some clarity and some hope amid Trump's gaslighting and bluster. It is the (free) daily newsletter of Harvard historian Heather Cox Richardson. Her work is deeply researched, interpretively canny, and she is able to bring some light into a time of obfuscation. I can't recommend it highly enough.

    The times have been so confusing on both sides of the Pond that one might say that I have been shocked into silence. Sometimes I feel that I have escaped the worst of things by living in England, but sometimes also I feel guilty for not being on the other side of the water trying to help out. Things in the UK are in upheaval too, though we face incompetence of a different kind. I don't understand—or perhaps I understand all too well—British politics; I only know that the government isn't working to manage the pandemic properly, and that we are having a catastrophic rise in cases.

    What is happening in America, however, seems to be politics as a blunt instrument. As Richardson has pointed out, Trump has done many things each of which would have sunk previous presidents, but no one is willing to call him out. One can only hope he loses the election so he can go to jail for the rest of his life.

    With that hope, and hope in God, I will sign off. As the Queen said at the beginning of the pandemic, Never give up; never despair.



Blogger Ultra Monk said...

Thanks. She does write well. I signed up.

6:34 pm, September 27, 2020  
Blogger Tanner said...

Maybe we should pray for our enemies' restoration to full mental health and sanity rather than for their downfall?

8:35 pm, September 27, 2020  
Blogger Loaves and Fishes said...

Hi Sr. Martha.
Was grateful to stumble across your blog (and voice) this afternoon!
Your friend in Juneau,

1:04 am, September 30, 2020  
Blogger CMeditator said...

She writes very well - I have read much of her recent writing.

We have much to be concerned about here too. The world at large is going through some strange times.

The answer for us as ever is prayer. I hope that others around the world will join in that prayer too.


8:54 am, October 02, 2020  
Anonymous Al said...

Love the subtle humor in Heather Cox Richardson's Letters from an American entry today:

"Five minutes after midnight (sorry for breaking the midnight rule again), we learned that 11 staffers from the Cleveland debate also tested positive.

We will not learn of infections among the Secret Service."

7:25 am, October 03, 2020  
Anonymous Al said...

For all the insane theatrics,
Louise Gluck won the 2020 Nobel for Literature:

“The fundamental experience of the writer is helplessness,”
“is dignified, I think, by yearning,
not made serene by sensations of achievement.
In the actual work, a discipline, a service.”

as she is quoted in The Guardian today (or 50 years ago - does it really matter?)

10:29 pm, October 08, 2020  

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