Saturday, October 13, 2012

Computer Dork

I've just had a very reasonable request from a reader to link to previous posts and archive posts so that people can find them easily.

Daisyanon, m'dear, I am 71 years old. I bought the first Mac when it came out. I am a complete computer dork. I would no more know how to do what you ask—much as I would like to—than fly to the moon. I am still using the original Blogger template because when I looked to switch to the new one I was warned that my blog might be lost.

At my age you have an acute consciousness that your remaining time is very limited, and my body reminds me of that every day. I have a major book to finish. My funds are extremely limited, so private instruction is out of the question. Everyone I know is working flat out in the University.

If you can find a solution to this conundrum I would be very glad to hear it.

In the meantime, I will try to do something about creating an old-fashioned index.

Bless you.


Blogger DaisyAnon said...

Hello Maggie, well when I tried to post my message to you I got an error message and thought it had been lost in the ether!

Then I thought if it was lost maybe that was a good thing! So I don't know if I am relieved or not that it did get through.

So I am no computer whizz either.

I take your point and do understand.

I doubt if the blog would be lost if you upgraded, I upgraded and didn't lose it, but can understand the hesitation, and of course you then have to learn your way around the new template.

I think, but am not sure that you will be able to do the things I suggested using the existing template if you look at the design tools. I think they were part of the original features.

Once set up it the archive maintains itself. The linking is a very straightforward process.

Maybe one of your readers feels confident enough to give you written guidance. I couldn't do that.

The Blogger Help section is very helpful and you can find it via a help button or a cogwheel sign, top right on my screen.

You can also set up another blog as a practice blog to play around with, and get confidence, but I think what you are saying is you don't really want to do this sort of thing, which is fair enough!

I would like to offer to visit and help you set it up, although I am no expert, but that may not be practical. If you want to see if this could work email me through my blog.

If you do nothing I am sure we will all manage. Please don't put yourself to unecessary trouble.

So, thanks again for your very gracious reply to my rather cheeky request.

9:51 pm, October 13, 2012  
Blogger DaisyAnon said...

Maggie, it may be me who is the complete computer dork. I have just noticed a monthly archive on your blog sidebar.

So I have easily found the post you referred to.

I must have missed this on an earlier occasion when I struggled to find a post to.

My apologies.

9:59 pm, October 13, 2012  
Blogger DaisyAnon said...

Sorry to bombard you with emails. I'll stop after this one. :) This isn't for publication.

A strange thing happened after my first comment to you and your reply. A lovely monthly archive from Jan 2006 to date appeared under your previous posts and Blogger label. So I found your Contemplative Eucharist post without difficulty.

Now this archive has disappeared. Were you playing with the settings but didn't save it?

9:52 am, October 14, 2012  

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