Saturday, August 30, 2008

Who Is Sarah Palin?

Ever since yesterday's announcement my phone here in Alaska has been ringing off the hook: Who is Sarah Palin?

Perhaps the most charitable way to put it is to say that she's an example of Alaska's version of a Valley Girl. Some have used the TT epithet, but let's not go there.

She has no education as that is understood in civilized circles.

She has no culture except that of small-town Alaska, which revolves around petty vengefulness, violent sports and killing things. (See "Life Held Cheap" posted July 28.)

She seems to care nothing for the environment as long as it produces enough animals to kill. "Spiritual" does not appear to be in her vocabulary.

Like W., she appears to act on her guts instead of listening to experts, especially scientists. Pity the poor polar bear, just for starters. And look where Bush's guts, such as they are, have got us.

She's an advocate of Big Oil, as opposed to Little Oil, the Veco services company which has corrupted so many Alaska politicians—corruption everyone has known about for decades but ignored until it all got too embarrassing. This is Alaska, after all.

She will work to reverse Roe vs Wade.

Paris Hilton has more foreign policy experience and subtlety.

In the not-unlikely scenario that she might actually become president (shudder) someone like Putin would snap her up like a chicken thrown to a crocodile.

Her cringe factor exceeds that of Bush.

Gravitas? What's that? She also remarked on a talk show that she hasn't the faintest notion of what the Vice-President does.

The thought of her presiding over the senate makes one rather queasy. As does the thought of her presence at any formal diplomatic function.

Far from restoring our credibility abroad, Palin would make us an even greater laughing stock—if that is possible.

Having recently had a baby she is doubtless suffering from "baby brain", a scientifically proven "normal" deficiency in mental function following childbirth. Maybe that's why she said "yes" to McCain. If not, then she is perhaps even more self-deluded than Bush.

Oh yes. And there are the corruption charges she is facing that will surface just before the election.

McCain has been called "insane" to have chosen her. Which raises the question, why do people think that spending years in a POW camp qualifies someone to be president? From a mental health standpoint it rather disqualifies him, which may go some way to explain McCain's erratic behavior spun as "maverick."

And what will Mrs. Moneybags McCain think of her husband's new dollybird? Whatever one thinks of Palin, his cynical choice is an insult to all women: to him she is little more than an inconvenient but necessary appendage/window dressing. Think Dan Quayle.


Stay tuned for the next debacle in American politics and the downfall of a once-great nation.


Blogger Unknown said...

Thank you for confirming my initial impressions of Gov. Palin. If the past eight years of Bush and now this decision by McCain doesn't move the country to vote Democratic, then there truly is no political hope for America.

6:16 pm, August 30, 2008  
Blogger New In Wonderland said...

Thanks for the view from the front row. It appears she is even worse than I feared.

How on earth did she get elected? Is she the same kind of out-front stooge for a political cabal as W has appeared to be?

12:15 am, August 31, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an Republican party's answer to the loss of Hillary as a female candidate? Please tell me that the Hillary supporters are smarter than that.

Please, please, please.

12:34 am, August 31, 2008  
Blogger Maggie Ross said...

Dear New In Wonderland,

You got it

2:07 am, August 31, 2008  
Blogger Maggie Ross said...

Dear Anonymous,

Please tell me they are. Please, please, please.

2:08 am, August 31, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just found you via a fellow LJer. Appreciate the comments on Palin, but more than that, this looks like such a wonderful blog. I've added you to my feed. Cronopio

4:18 pm, September 02, 2008  
Blogger Maggie Ross said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you

4:43 pm, September 02, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nervous about this candidate and hopeful that the American voters will really look at the issues here. I am especially concerned with the thought of McCain/Palin making up to 3 Supreme Court choices in the next adminisration. It is not really about do we LIKE the candidates it is what is the platform and where will they take the country.

2:01 pm, September 08, 2008  
Blogger Maggie Ross said...

She is Cheney in skirts but even more dangerous because she has no education. In fact, in my opinion she combines the worst characteristics of both Bush and Cheney in a single package. There seems to be no truth in her.

4:44 pm, September 08, 2008  
Blogger Raven~ said...

Hello Maggie, it's Jeff RavenWing from Cincinnati -- we meet at a workshop, I showed you the banner I'd created at Church of Our Saviour, we're both friends of Augie O'Connor ... and I was on your email list for a time before you retreated into deeper seclusion.

It's wonderful that you're publishing again in this blog. May I post some of your musing to my FaceBook profile?

Love abides, heart-to-heart

3:54 pm, September 10, 2008  
Blogger Maggie Ross said...

Dear Raven,

How wonderful to be in touch again! As I moderate the comments, it's fine to send me your email; I won't publish it and would love to be in direct contact.

Yes of course you may share posts from the blog. And please give my love to Augie!


4:29 pm, September 10, 2008  
Blogger Gloriamarie Amalfitano said...

Among the great many reasons to object to Palin as a possible VP is also the insult to women. Seems clear to me that McCain thinks women are interchangable for each other and supporters of Hilary Clinton would vote for any woman just ebcause she is a woman.

4:42 pm, October 30, 2008  

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